Orientation and Awareness Campaigns Forum – Notes

11 Government Awareness Campaign – Insights West

Session Format: After reviewing the three posters and objectives of the campaign, participants were asked to indicate whether they had seen the campaign materials before, indicate how close the campaign came to “hitting the mark”, and discuss how the campaign could be improved and how they would like to get more involved next time.

Key Takeaways:

1. Most participants had seen the campaign before.

2. Overall response to the campaign was mixed: while some gave it positive scores, most thought there was a lot of room for improvement.

3. Future iterations of the campaign should include campus endorsements, as well as more information about what to do and on-campus resources.

4. Visually, future iterations of the campaign should also aim for more diversity in representation, place more emphasis on the key message, and allow space for additional information.

5. Participants think the campaign would be more effective if students and campus officials had the opportunity to contribute to its design.

6. The interest in participating in the campaign and requests for more supporting materials indicate a strong support for the campaign overall.

7. There is also a call for the ministry to play a stronger leadership role in communicating to institutions about the campaign, its strategic goals, and how to best support it.