Orientation and Awareness Campaigns Forum – Notes

8 Well-Being Program – Capilano University

Program History

  • Target audience: students
  • When looking to create the program: did a scan of existing programs at larger institutions, attended conferences, and investigated ways to get into classroom
  • At Capilano, it is difficult to keep students on campus – most leave right after class due to job, children, and family obligations
  • Students adopted and received training on Let’s Get Consensual campaign:
    • 50 students signed up for first workshop, but no students showed up – had to re-think format of program to make it work at Capilano U
  • As a small institution, can use flexibility as our strength.
  • Met with faculty to figure out how to work with their needs and fit in Let’s Get Consensual program:
    • Got faculty buy-in to present consent workshops in 15 or 20 minute sessions in the classroom.


  • Invited to class of 105 students to deliver entire 2-hour workshop during gender diversity class in Acting for Screen program – 80% international students
  • For international students, cultural knowledge gaps and language barriers on consent, rape culture, and gender identity:
    • Developed a 1-hour workshop on consent, laws in Canada, and definitions.
    • Offered at every orientation for international students.
  • Students have expressed interest in multi-hour workshops.

Other Initiatives

  • “Take the Pledge” to get thoughts going around consent and emphasize it is everyone’s responsibility.
  • Peers Helping Peers program to train selected students for in-class facilitation and outreach activities.
  • Hired 3 students as Well Being Ambassadors.
  • Connect to students in different modes.
  • Strong relationship with student union.