Chapter 14: Supporting teachers and instructors in a digital age

The purpose of the chapter

When you have read this chapter, you should be able to:

  • recognise the need for professional development and training in teaching and define your own needs;
  • recognise the role and importance of learning technology support systems;
  • be able to design a team approach to teaching large classes;
  • understand the need for an institutional strategy to support teaching and learning in a digital age;
  • press for changes within your organisation to ensure that quality teaching is properly supported.

 What is covered in this chapter

Also in this chapter you will find the following activities

Key Takeaways

This chapter focuses on the key support teachers and instructors will need from their employers to enable the development of the knowledge and skills students will need in a digital age. This support includes:

  • pre-service and in-service training that focuses on digital and online teaching
  • provision of specialist learning technology support units that can assist teachers and instructors teaching digitally
  • ensuring teacher:student ratios that enable the interaction required to develop 21st century skills
  • the use of team teaching and sessional instructors for very large classes using blended or hybrid learning
  • a system- or institution-wide strategy/plan for the implementation and tracking of digital learning


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