8.3 Presenting as a Team

Suzan Last and Candice Neveu

Since many projects are undertaken in teams, presentations related to those projects are also often given as a team. Presenting coherent and engaging information as a team takes practice and coordination, and while different team members may share the work by being responsible for different elements of the preparation and delivery, sometimes giving a presentation as a team can entail more work than doing a solo talk.  Below are some useful resources that provide information on things to consider when presenting as a team.

Resources on Presenting as a Team

20 Things that Great Presenting Teams Ask Before They Open Their Mouths (Inc. com)

In this article, communications expert Deborah Grayson Riegel poses 20 questions that you should consider as a team in preparing for your presentation. This is a great list and would help your team consider perhaps the less obvious things.

Guide for Giving a Group Presentation (Virtual Speech)

Dom Bernard, co-founder of Virtual Speech and trainer, provides tips on preparing and delivering successful team presentations.

10 Rules for Presenting as a Team (Public Words)

Nick Morgan PhD, a communications professor and coach, offers some advice for team presentations. While some info overlaps with the sources above, he does offer some additional tips and suggestions that may be of interest such as ways to handle discussion.

How to Coordinate a Team Presentation (Coursera: Oral Communication for Engineering Leaders)  (4:45 min.)

This video resource is presented by two professors who teach at Rice University in Engineering Leadership. They model and discuss how to coordinate a team presentation.


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