As companion reading to this chapter that offers a comprehensive discussion of how to work effectively in teams, I recommend reading the sections called “Introduction to Teamwork” and “Project Management” in Designing Engineers: An Introductory Text, by Susan McCahan et al.[1].

Learning Objectives

This section contains the following chapters with the following learning objectives:

4.1 Team Project Management Tools and Strategies: Understand how to use strategies and documents, such as Team Charters, Agendas, Minutes, Gantt Charts, and Work Logs to facilitate effective teamwork.

4.2 Models for Understanding Team Dynamics: Understand various models of team dynamics, and reflect on how you might apply them to help you and your team mates resolve conflicts and work productively.

4.3 Collaborative Writing: Understand the processes and strategies for writing collaboratively, and reflect on what works for your team.

4.4 Managing Team Conflict:  Develop strategies to productively deal with and manage conflicts and other problems within teams.

  1. S. McCahan, P. Anderson, M. Kortschot, P. E. Weiss, and K. A. Woodhouse, “Introduction to teamwork,” in Designing Engineers: An Introductory Text, Hoboken, NJ: Wiley, 2015, pp. 219-246.


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