Answer Key

Self-Test 1

  1. b. False
  2. a. True
  3. b. False
  4. a. True
  5. c. 60
  6. d. It helps you to determine the most effective ways in which to study.
  7. d. All of the above
  8. d. It is the learner’s responsibility to be proactive and get touch with the unit responsible for student support services and ensure that necessary documentation is completed to start the process.
  9. d. The understanding and awareness of your own cognitive (mental) processes and how you learn
  10. d. All of the above
  11. d. All of the above
  12. a. True
  13. d. Use a smart phone application, calendar, agenda, or schedule.
  14. c. More time to complete their studying
  15. a. True
  16. a. True
  17. c. All of the above
  18. a. Being focussed on learning
  19. a. True
  20. b. False
  21. b. Ask for help as soon as you run into difficulty and make use of the resources available to  you (e.g., help centres, fellow students, and online resources).
  22. b. False
  23. b. False
  24. c. All of the above
  25. c. 15 minutes

Self-Test 2

  1. b. False
  2. a. True
  3. b. Concentrating exclusively on what is being said
  4. a. True
  5. b. Concentrate
  6. b. False
  7. d. Participate
  8. d. All of the above
  9. a. True
  10. a. True

Self-Test 3

  1. b. False
  2. d. Early in the day when you are not tired and have minimal interruptions
  3. c. Read in intervals of 30 to 40 minutes with breaks in between
  4. b. You retain more information at the beginning and the end of a study session. This will  mean that you’ll also retain more information from before and after the break.
  5. a. True
  6. c. Survey, skim, scan
  7. a. True
  8. d. All of the above
  9. a. True
  10. b. False

Self-Test 4

  1. c. All of the above
  2. a. True
  3. b. False
  4. d. All of the above
  5. b. Read and edit your notes

Self-Test 5

  1. c. How well you understand the topic and the information you need to provide
  2. c. Looking for synonyms for the keyword(s)
  3. b. And, or, not
  4. b. Isolates the search to only the search phrase
  5. a. True

Self-Test 6

  1. a. True
  2. b. Your instructor
  3. b. At least twice
  4. d. Being prepared and getting a good night’s sleep
  5. a. True


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