Every learner has different abilities, backgrounds, and life experiences. Some individuals will be entering a trades program directly from high school as part of a dual-credit program or youth initiative and have limited experience outside of the classroom. Others may have been out of the formal education system for a number of years but bring valuable years of work experience into the classroom. Regardless of where you are starting from, integral to your success in post- secondary education is developing effective study and learning skills.

For some of you, learning about study skills may be new. You may have never acquired the skills needed to be an effective learner, or you may have forgotten them after many years out of the formal education system. For others, this may be a review and it may provide you with an opportunity to reflect on your current study practices to determine if there is room to improve or adopt new study strategies.

Time spent on these Learning Tasks will increase the effectiveness of time spent on all other Learning Tasks in your training program. In addition, the techniques that you choose to adopt and the effective study routine that you develop will benefit you in lifelong learning, be it formal or informal, at school, on the job, or for your own personal interest.

Learning Objectives

When you have completed the Learning Tasks in this Competency, you should be able to:

  • use effective study habits
  • use effective listening techniques
  • use effective note-taking techniques
  • use techniques for reading textbooks effectively
  • use ways to research material
  • use effective techniques for preparing for and taking notes



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