7 Debrief

Debriefing Reflection Questions:

After completing the VSG, please complete the following reflection questions either independently, or as a facilitated debrief by your instructor.

Andy VSG Reflection Questions [download]

  1. What were your thoughts and feelings during this virtual simulation experience? Did anything surprise you?
  2. Reflect on what you have learned about sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI) in nursing from this simulated experience.
  3. What, if any, additional questions/assessments would you have asked to provide safe and effective nursing care with this post-operative client?
  4. What strategies would you use to promote effective communication with diverse clients?
  5. What are your key takeaways from participating in this simulated experience?
  6. How might this experience influence your future nursing practice?

Post-Simulation Self-Evaluation:

Now that you have completed the virtual simulation game, please re-evaluate your knowledge and competence in the the concepts covered by completing the Self assessment rubric [download]


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