Recommended Resources

Things to Read:


  • (2019) Earth Emotions: New Words for a New World by Glenn Albrecht

Journal Articles:

  • (2020) Ecological Grief and Anxiety: The Start of a Healthy Response to Climate Change? by Cunsolo, A., Harper, S.L., Minor, K., Hayes, K., Williams, K. G., & Howard, C.:
  • (2019). The Health Effects of Climate Change: Know the risks and become part of the solutions by
    Howard, C., & Huston, P.:


  • Climate and Mind:
  • The Climate Optimist:
  • The Mental Health and Climate Change Alliance:
  • The Planetary Health Alliance:

Media to Watch:


  • Climate Change and Happiness Podcast:
  • Facing it Podcast:

TedX Talks:

  • Healthy Planet, Healthy People, by Dr. Courtney Howard:


  • 1 minute meditation by HeadSpace:
  • 5 minute meditation by Eco-Anxious Stories:
  • Body Scan Meditation by Yale School of Medicine:

Ways to Get Involved:

  • AMS Sustainability at UBC:
  • Colour the Trails:
  • Eco-anxious Stories:
  • PaRx:
  • UBC Climate Hub:
  • UBC Farm Volunteer Program:
  • Work that Reconnects:


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