Case Study #2: Pneumonia


Day: 6
Time: 10h00
Place: Medical Ward

Jim, the RN, walks with Dr. Hunicutt to Erin’s room.

“Hi, Mrs. Johns. This is Dr. Hunicutt and he has some great news for you.”

“Mrs. Johns, you have been off oxygen for 24 hours, and your X-ray from a couple of days ago was improved from when you were first admitted, so I think you are ready to go home.”

“Thank the gods.”

“Now, this does not mean resuming normal activities yet. You are still going to be tired and I will want you to take the antibiotics for another week to ensure that we have fully cleared up your pneumonia. If you stop taking them, you will be back here, and much worse off.”

“Ok, take the antibiotics and take it easy—got it.”

Nurse Jim calls Erin’s son and provides discharge instructions to both Erin and her son.


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