Case Study #7: Colon Cancer

Two Months Ago

Time: Two months ago

“Oh, not again. Something must really be wrong.” Fred looks down into the toilet bowl at the long skinny stool and the large amount of bright red blood.

Fred’s partner, Eric,  looks up from his Kindle as Fred leaves the ensuite bathroom. “Oh my. You don’t look happy.”

“Yes, I’m a bit worried. The bleeding hasn’t stopped.”

Looking aghast, Eric says, “What bleeding? What are you hiding from me?”

Fred comes and sits beside him. “It’s embarrassing.”

“After these many years of being together, I would think you could share an embarrassing thing or two.”

“Yeah. For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been seeing blood in the toilet and after wiping. I’ve also been getting these awful cramps and my stool looks different.”

“Whoa, Fred. Have you talked to our doctor about this?”

“No, but I think I need to make an appointment.”

“Yes, you do! And I’m coming with you.”

“Eric! I’m not a child.”

“That may be, but it seems like you’re acting like one.”

“Ok, ok. I’m phoning right now for an appointment with Dr. Baker.”


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