Our special thanks to the committed team of educators, subject matter experts, technologists, librarians, and support staff without whom this book would not have been possible.

Thank you to Lauri Aesoph and your team at BCcampus for your patience and attention to detail with our writing and formatting of the content in this book. We are grateful for your time, effort, and support in the development of these case studies.

Thank you to the team of faculty and other experts at BCIT in brainstorming, creating, and writing these case studies:

Lin Brander
Connie Evans
Ana Maria Ferrinho
Tammy Hardie
Kyle Hunter
Joseph Li
Oleg Lungu
Shan Satoglu
Mike Taylor
Kirsten Vilches

We would also like to express our particular thanks to Eva Somogyi, Joan Walker, Ian Fingler, and Doug Wiebe for contributing their knowledge and clinical expertise to these case studies.

We are grateful to David Porter for his vision and encouragement in starting us off in the development of these case studies and Barbara Berry for her enthusiasm, energy, and expertise in facilitating and guiding us through our first case study sprint session.

Thank you especially to Bernice Budz, Stephanie Howes, Cheryl Isaak, and James Rout for their support, leadership, and encouragement in developing these case studies.

Finally, thank you to our families for their support and patience in our journey through writing this resource, and the unanticipated additional hours of work.


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