Overall Changes

  • Added Cover
  • Added Table of Contents
  • Added additional chapter – chapter 2, the legal environment in Canada which covers the difference in federal vs provincial jurisdiction, human rights laws in Canada, employment standards legislation and privacy law.
  • Removed hyperlinks to additional movies / instructor resources housed on wistia.com that are not accessible or links that no longer work.
  • Removed references to the Society for Human Resource Management and changed to the Human Resource Management Association.
  • OHSA has been replace with reference to WorsafeBC and Worker’s Compensation or Health and Safety Regulations.
  • Changed to Canadian spelling (labor to labour, check to cheque, etc)
  • Removed reference to 401 ks and replaced with references to RRSPs and pension plans

Chapter 1

  • Professional designations were updated to include reference and links to Canadian professional associations
  • Removed Firgure 1.6 on the changing and diverse workforce. Substituted statistics from statistics Canada for statistics from the US Bureau of labor statistics

Chapter 2: The Legal Environment in Canada

  • This is a wholly new chapter.

Chapter 3: Developing & Implementing Strategic HRM Plans

  • Need to update the figure #s
  • Ensure it’s all referring to the correct chapters.
  • Put the Chapter numbers in the footer
  • Text boxes start in chapter 5

Chapter 4 Diversity & Multiculturalism

  • Removed references to Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and replaced with references to the BC Human Rights Act

Chapter 5 – Recruitment

  • Removed specific reference to AutoGOJA and suggested a google search for job analysis software to find both free and paid software applications
  • Removed reference to Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA) and replaced with The Canadian Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA), as well as changed information regarding the process. Removed Figure 4.4 which is an American form.
  • Removed reference to American EEO laws; information on Cdn privacy and anti-sicrimination laws is in chapter 2
  • Replaced references to social security cards to social insurance numbers
  • Note: need to change professional associations
  • Do labour unions really allow job postings?
  • Add text box for cost per hire

Chapter 6 Selection

  • Added information on Meiorin decision in the discussion of validity and reliability
  • Added information on the difference between structured and unstructured questions
  • Adapted the section on illegal interview questions to reflect terms in Canadian human rights legislation
  • Note: change the case referred to in testing (EEOC v. Ford Motor Co and United Automobile Workers of America)
  • Note: amend reference to the consumer credit reporting reform act (CCRRA)

Chapter 7: Compensation and Benefits

  • Removed references to the certified compensation professionals; Cdn professional qualifications were already discussed in Chapter 1
  • Replaced references to salary.com with payscale.com which includes Cdn information
  • Removed references to the Equal Pay Act, Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act and the Fair Labor Standards Act/
  • Added references to EI, CPP and WorkSafe BC premiums, replaced reference to social security and medicare, COBRA payments, HMO’s
  • Removed reference to child labour regulations as this is covered in Chapter 2
  • Changed references to paid time off to refer to Cdn statuorty holidays


  • provide Cdn information regarding cdn geographic differences and doesn’t reference surgeons
  • change the job classification system at U of W with a bC example.
  • Figure 7.4 “Sample Pay Scale for General Federal Jobs”shows an example. Should be replaced with cdn
  • Remove reference to Ledbetter Fair Pay Act
  • On average, a woman earns 79 cents for every $1.00 a man earns. For women of color, the gap is wider at 69 cents for African-American women and 59 cents for Latina women. [7] Many

Chapter 8: Retention and Motivation

  • Include a link to Hawthorne studies video
  • Discussed the Work Environment Survey developed by the BC Provincial government in collaboration with BC Stats
  • Remove reference to figure 8.7

Chapter 9: Training & Development

  • Check for references to OSHA

Chapter 10: Successful Employee Communication

  • No changes

Chapter 11: Managing Employee Performance

  • Opening vignette modified to acknowledge the disease model of alcoholism
  • Refer to chapter 2 re: employment law in Canada as it pertains to drug and alcohol abuse, family issues.
  • Note: more work on this Handfield v. Board of School Trustees, School District # 26
    (1995), 25 C.H.R.R. D/452 (B.C.H.R.C.). Handfield v. North Thompson School District No. 26
  • Find a cdn case for termination due to conduct outside the workplace
  • Discuss the Scott case
  • Discuss Just Cause – revise “The Seven Tests of Just Cause”
  • Remove reference to employment at will
  • Discuss constructive dismissal in regards to resignation
  • Rewrote the Employee Rights section re: employment at will, public policy exception, implied contract exception. Discussed constructive dismissal
  • Removed reference to working with labour unions as the law is substantially different and this is covered in another chapter

Chapter 12: Employee Assessment

  • Remove reference to The Civil Service Reform Act of 1978
  • Remove reference to Thomas v. IBM re age discrimination

Chapter 13: Working with Labour Unions

  • Updated the history and organization of unions section:
  • Supplemented information regarding the Wagner Act with PC 1003 and the Industrial Relations and Disputes Investigation Act.
  • Rand Formula & dues check-off
  • BC Federation of Labour, Canadian Labour Congress, local labour councils. Removed Figure 12.1 referring to the structure of the American Federation of Labour
  • referenced Caterpillar closing in Ontario and relocation, to the US and US “right to work” legislation
  • Removed reference to the Railway Labor Act, Taft-Hartley Act, and removed figure 12.3
  • Included information on the certification process in BC jurisdiction and federal jurisdiction
  • Included a section on defining the bargaining unit
  • Included a blurb re: the unions at the College of New Caledonia
  • Removed the paragraph on the impact of unionization as it isn’t true for Canada
  • Removed figure 12.6, map of “right to work states
  • Included information on 72 hour strike notice
  • Included a section on interpreting language in a collective agreement
  • Need to remove reference to the Public Employment Relations Commission in Washington State, and figure 13.9 re: mediation process
  • Amended Case “But I Didn’t Know” to focus on interpretations of collective agreement and need for consistency of practice

Chapter 14: Safety and Health at Work

  • Substantially reworked- removed reference to OSHA and replaced with WorkSafe BC
  • Added worker rights
  • Mandatory reporting by employers
  • Information on the Westray Mining disaster and Bill C-45
  • Eliminated information on benefits of a smoke-free workplaces as this is no longer voluntary
  • Added information on the changes in legislation re: workplace violence and bullying in 2014
  • Added information about a nurse filing a bullyiNg complaint
  • Removed section on identity theft and privacy as this is discussed in chapter 2
  • Removed the section on terrorism

Chapter 15 – International HRM

  • Adjusted table 14.3 Hofstede’s dimensions to compare Cda, China, India, USA and Phillipines
  • Updated table 15.7 to compare cda and china vs USA and China


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