Chapter 14: Safety and Health at Work

14.3 Cases and Problems

Chapter Case

Bullying Ming

You just ended a meeting with Ming (one of your six employees), who gave you some disturbing information. She feels she is being bullied by one of her coworkers and is seeking your advice on how to handle it. Ming said that Mindy has been saying “good morning” to everyone as she walks by their office but doesn’t say it to Ming. Ming also said that Mindy organized a farewell lunch for one of your departing employees last week and didn’t invite Ming. She also told you of nasty things that Mindy tells other colleagues about her. For example, last month when Ming ran into Mindy at the grocery store, Mindy told everyone the next day the medications that Ming had in her cart, which included medication for irritable bowel syndrome. Ming also showed you an e-mail that Mindy had sent blaming Ming for the loss of one of Mindy’s clients. Mindy had copied the entire department on the e-mail. Ming thinks that other employees have been reluctant to involve her in projects as a result of this e-mail. Ming left your office quite upset, and you think you may need to take some action.

  • Do you think Ming is correct in saying Mindy is bullying her? What are the indications of bullying?
  • What advice would you give to Ming?
  • How would you handle this situation with Mindy, without embarrassing Ming?

Team Activity

1: Calculate the yearly incidence rates for Organic Foods Company:

a. 2010: 10 injuries with 300,000 hours worked

b. 2011: 5 injuries with 325,000 hours worked

c. 2012: 20 injuries with 305,000 hours worked

2: What are some of the possible causes for the increase in incidence rates


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