Chapter 15: International HRM

15.4 Cases and Problems

Chapter Case

Fish to Go Is Going Places

Your company, Fish to Go, is a quick service restaurant specializing in fish tacos. Your success in Canada has been excellent, and your company has decided to develop an international strategy to further develop your market share. As the vice president for human resources, you have been asked to develop an international staffing strategy. The organization has decided that it makes the most sense to hire host-country nationals to manage the restaurants. Your current Fish to Go managers earn upwards of $45,000 per year, plus 2 percent profit sharing. The organization is also looking to you to determine and develop a comprehensive training program for your host-country managers. A training program is also needed for employees, but you have decided to wait and develop this with input from the host-country managers. Fish to Go has identified Mexico and the UK as the first two countries that will be entered. Perform the necessary research to prepare a PowerPoint presentation to the board of directors.

  • What are the advantages of choosing a host-country national staffing strategy?
  • Develop a compensation plan for each of the two countries, revising the current compensation for managers in Canada, if necessary. The compensation plan should include salary, benefits, and any fringe benefits to attract the most qualified people. The plan should also address any legal compensation requirements for both countries.
  • Develop an outline for a training plan, making reasonable assumptions about the information a new manager would need to know at Fish to Go.

Team Activity

1: What are four major considerations for aligning the HRM strategy with an overall globalization strategy? Discuss each and rank them in order of importance.

2: Find a team with an even number of members. Split each team into “reasons for localized compensation” and “reasons for regional or global compensation.” Be prepared to debate the issue with prepared points.


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