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Digital Meijis: Revisualizing Modern Japanese History at 150 is copyrighted under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license (CC BY-NC-SA). This means you are free to share (copy and redistribute in any medium or format) and adapt (remix, transform, and build upon) this text under three conditions:

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This Creative Commons license applies both to the text as a whole and to the individual essays, front matter (the preface and acknowledgments) and back matter (the afterword and contributor biographies) contained within it. The license does not extend to the images in the collection, which have been reproduced by permission. For permission to reproduce individual images, please refer to their attribution statements.

Citing this work

Per the provisions of section 3.a.1.A.i of the CC BY-NC-SA license, when attributing this work, we request that you reproduce the following elements in your citation:

Digital Meijis: Revisualizing Japanese History at 150. Edited by Tristan R. Grunow and Naoko Kato. Vancouver: University of British Columbia Library, 2019.

If you cite a specific essay in the book, please include the name of the essay and its author’s name.

Edits, Preface, and Acknowledgments Copyright 2018 Tristan R. Grunow and Naoko Kato

Essays Copyright 2018 Naoko Kato, Radu Leca, M. William Steele, Gregory Smits, Kanaya Masataka, Tristan R. Grunow, Benjamin Bryce, Allen Hockley, Joshua S. Mostow, Miriam Wattles, Ayako Yoshimura, Yukari Takai, Eiji Okawa, and Ayaka Yoshimizu

Published by University of British Columbia Library, 2019. Printed by Simon Fraser University Document Solutions. UBC Library gratefully acknowledges financial support for this project provided by the UBC Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund (TLEF).

ISBN  978-0-88865-317-8


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