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Creating Parts and Chapters

Chapters are pages or building blocks which contain the content in your book. Parts, on the other hand, are overarching sections which hold those chapters. A book is made up of chapters which are sequentially ordered in parts.

When you go into the “Text” panel on the left-hand side of the screen, you can see that there are different options to add a part, add a new chapter, add new front matter, and add new back matter. Start by adding a part by clicking on the “Add Part” button. Give this part a name, say, ‘Part 1’, and then save that part. Now, when you go back to the “Dashboard”, you’ll see that the new part that you just created, Part 1, is directly under the main body section.

Next, add a new chapter. To do this, go back to the “Text” panel and we’ll click on “Add New Chapter”.

Now take note of the Part panel on the right hand side of your screen – you can use this to select where your new chapter will be placed – so we can choose to place it in either Main Body or in Part 1. Note that you can’t place this chapter in the front matter or the back matter – so if you want to create front matter or back matter, you need to explicitly use the “Add New Front Matter” or the “Add New Back Matter” buttons in the Text panel on the left hand side of the screen. Put Chapter 1 inside Part 1. And then publish this chapter.

When you go back into the “Dashboard”, you will see that Chapter 1 has been published into Part 1, just like we wanted.

You may type text into your new chapter just as you would with your usual word-processing software.

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