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Publishing your Open Textbook

Before you publish and begin sharing your open textbook, you will want to add a few details and make a few final adjustments.

Book Title & Description

From the Dashboard, click on the “Book Info” link in the sidebar and add your name (under “Author”), a subtitle (if desired), and a cover image (if desired; this should be properly attributed in the section for “Copyright Notice.” You should also confirm the Copyright License under which you are publishing your open textbook (e.g., CC-BY). If you have remixed OER that have different CC licenses, take a look at this video clip for guidance concerning the overall license that your book can/should hold:

(Re)Order the Chapters

Pressbooks makes reordering chapters within your open textbook a very simple process. Simply visit the Dashboard, and click on “Organize” under the “Text” link in the sidebar. You can then reorder chapters by dragging and dropping them where you like. The new order is saved automatically.

Chapter Settings

By default, any new chapters that you create will appear within your open textbook (including the table of contents at the bottom of the home page of your open textbook). However, if there is a chapter that you do not wish to include, you may uncheck the boxes beside the chapter for “Show title” and “Export.”

Global Privacy Setting

By default, your book’s privacy setting is “Public” and it is available to anyone on the web. However, if you wish to change this so that only users that you invite have access to the book, click on the “Organize” link (under “Text” in the sidebar) and then select the “Private” setting at the top of the page.

Export the Book

Although your open textbook will be immediately available to users who wish to browse it on the web, you may also want to export your book in a variety of digital formats. In order to do this, click on the “Export” link in the Dashboard sidebar, select the file formats that you wish to export, and then click the “Export your Book” button.

That’s it! You are now done. On behalf of the open education community, thank you for your work and dedication to students.

Remember, however, that one of the benefits of open textbooks is the ability to update and otherwise revise them as often as you like, so do jot down ideas that come to you as you (and hopefully your students) use your free and open resource.


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