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Importing Text into your Open Textbook

If you wish to import text (e.g., from an open textbook), you may either copy and paste the text into a “New Chapter” in your open textbook or use Pressbooks’ Import tool. To access the latter, visit the “Dashboard” of your open textbook and click on the “Import” link. This links gives you several options, including one (HTML) that will scrape the text from any webpage (see below). Once you have imported the raw text, you are free to revise or remix it as necessary.

Important: It is best to immediately add the correct attribution for the imported text (including a hyperlinks to the original work, the author, and the appropriate CC license).

The correct format for attribution is as follows: Title of work by Author. Creative Commons license.

For example: BC Open Textbook Pressbooks Guide by BCcampus. CC-BY 4.0

Tip: An excellent tool for constructing proper attributions is Open Washington’s Open Attribution Builder.


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