The authors gratefully acknowledge the contributions of many individuals to this work:

  • Carl Wieman and Sarah Gilbert (Stanford University) and Kathy Perkins (University of Colorado Boulder) provided many intellectual contributions to the manuscript, as well as vision and leadership for the SEI project over more than a decade.
  • We thank the authors of the case studies which accompany this book:  Kyle Trenshaw (formerly of Brown University), Peter Lepage (Cornell University), Barbara Bruno (University of Hawai’i), Simone Buitendijk and Hailey Smith (Imperial College London), and Andrea Greenhoot (University of Kansas).
  • We thank many peer reviewers who provided helpful feedback on the manuscript, including Gülnur Birol (University of British Columbia), Kyle McJunkin (University of Colorado Boulder), Natalie Mendoza (University of Colorado Boulder), Colin West (University of Colorado Boulder), and Kyle Trenshaw (University of Rochester).
  • We are very thankful to Erika Borys (University of British Columbia) for her thorough work in copyediting and design.
  • We would also like to thank Isaac Hanemann (CU Boulder) for his technical expertise and persistence in getting everything into Pressbooks.

We would also particularly like to thank the DBES communities at CU Boulder and UBC who provided insight into effective practices over many years. This insight resulted in many of the the short white papers which are included with this manuscript and informed many of its messages. The DBESs at each institution are listed below; those with an asterisk are particularly noted for their contributions related to materials in this Handbook.

University of Colorado Boulder (CU SEI)

Science Teaching Fellows

  • Arthurs, Leilani
  • Bair, Andrea
  • Benay, Franny (now Bentley)
  • Caballero, Marcos (Danny)
  • Chasteen, Stephanie*
  • Couch, Brian
  • Foley, Teresa
  • Goldhaber, Steven
  • Hoskinson, Anne-Marie
  • Iona, Steve
  • Kennedy, Sarah
  • Langdon, Laurie
  • Pentecost, Thomas
  • Pepper, Rachel*
  • Schlingman, Wayne
  • Seiter, Sarah
  • Semsar, Katharine
  • Shi, Jia
  • Smith, Michelle
  • Stempien, Jennifer A
  • Vredevoogd, Michael
  • Wise, Sarah
  • Zwickl, Benjamin

Other SEI Personnel

  • Adams, Wendy
  • Perkins, Katherine*
  • Wieman, Carl*

University of British Columbia (CWSEI)

Science Teaching and Learning Fellows

  • Acton, Don
  • Banet, Mandy
  • Barker, Megan
  • Burrill, Sophie
  • Campbell, Alice
  • Carolan, Jim
  • Caulkins, Joshua
  • Clarkston, Bridgette
  • Code, Warren*
  • Dawson, Jessica
  • Day, James
  • Dee, Jackie
  • Deslauriers, Louis
  • Duis, Jennifer
  • Eleftheriadou, Electra
  • Elliot Tew, Allison
  • Gao, Alice
  • Garaschuk, Kseniya
  • Gilley, Brett*
  • Gillis, Elizabeth
  • Golbeck, Ryan
  • Hansen, Malin
  • Heiner, Cynthia*
  • Holland, Tara
  • Jolley, Alison
  • Jones, Francis*
  • Kelly, Tamara
  • Kennedy, Ben
  • Khosravi, Hassan
  • Knorr, Ed
  • Knox, Kerry
  • Lane, Erin
  • Lister, Ray
  • Lo, Joseph
  • Maciejewski, Wes
  • Maxwell, Jane
  • McDonnell, Lisa
  • Merchant, Sandra (Sandi)
  • Mullally, Martha
  • Newbury, Peter
  • Ottaway, Paul
  • Piccolo, Costanza
  • Prat, Alain
  • Rodela, Tammy
  • Roll, Ido
  • Schimpf, Natalie
  • Sherman, Sarah Bean
  • Simon, Beth
  • Stang, Jared
  • Strubbe, Linda
  • Taylor, Jared
  • Weir, Laura
  • Wolfman, Steve
  • Yapa, Gaitri
  • Yu, Ben
  • Yurasovskaya, Katya
  • Yurk, Harald

Other SEI Personnel

  • Harris, Sara*
  • Welsh, Ashley*
  • Wieman, Carl*
  • Gilbert, Sarah*


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