Part III. The Discipline-Based Education Specialist’s Handbook

Chapter 7 – Course Transformation

  • What is a course transformation?
  • Course transformation resources
  • How do you start the project?
  • How can you best use meetings with faculty?
  • How do you design learning goals?
  • How do you assess student outcomes?
  • How do you develop course materials?
  • How do you wrap up the work?

Chapter 8 – Partnering with Faculty

  • How can you form faculty partnerships?
  • How do you respectfully persuade faculty to consider changing their teaching?
  • How can you give feedback and coach faculty productively?

Chapter 9 – Developing Your Roles and Skills

  • How do you start out in your department?
  • How do you integrate further in the department?
  • How do you develop your skills as a DBES?
  • What are common challenges faced by DBESs?
  • Considerations for DBESs in specific types of positions
  • What are the career paths for DBESs?


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