Part I. The Initiative Leader’s Handbook

Chapter 2 – What Is a Discipline-Based Education Specialist?

  • What is a DBES?
  • What is the nature of the DBES position?
  • What does an DBES do — and what is not their job?
  • How do you structure an DBES position?

Chapter 3 – What Makes a DBES Successful?

  • What is the development path of a DBES?
  • How do you initially train DBESs in the science of teaching and learning?
  • How do you help DBESs develop fully as change agents?
  • How can you build a DBES community?

Chapter 4 – The Central Organization: Overseeing the Initiative

  • What is the central organization?
  • What does the central organization do?
  • What human and financial resources are required?
  • How do you solicit and fund effective proposals?
  • How do you supervise the work?
  • How can you create community?
  • How can you lay the groundwork for sustainability?


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