Feedback on Activities

Appendix 4: Feedback on Activity 7.5 Broadcast or communicative

From the list below:

  • a learning management system
  • a blog
  • online collaborative learning
  • Twitter
  • virtual worlds (e.g. Second Life)
  • a podcast
  • an open textbook

1. Determine which is a medium and which a technology, or which could be both, and under what conditions.

 learning management system  either: technology as software, medium when used for course delivery
 blog  medium (WordPress or other blog software is the technology)
 online collaborative learning  medium
 Twitter  either, but mainly a medium
 Virtual worlds  medium
 podcast  medium
 open textbook  medium

2. Decide where, from your experience, each medium or technology should be placed on Figure 6.4.3. Write down why.

Activity broadcast 23. Which were easy to categorize and which difficult?


  • online collaborative learning, because it is highly communicative but the teacher has a good deal of control over the medium
  • Twitter, because it is definitely under the control of the learner, but it is also as much a broadcast as a communicative medium.

With both these, I gave more importance to the broadcast/communicative dimension compared with the control dimension.


4. How useful?

Understanding where different media are likely to fit on the broadcast/communicative dimension will help in choosing media, depending on my epistemological position. If I want a high level of student activity and interaction I would tend toward more communicative media. If I am more concerned with information transmission and comprehension, I would tend to use more broadcast media. However, in most cases I would want a mix of both. Knowing where each medium ‘fits’ on this dimension is one component I could use in my decision-making.


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