Accessibility Rubric

Web version evaluated on April 18, 2021 by the authors

Accessibility standards passed: 10/10

Evaluation Criteria Pass/Fail Additional Information
Accessibility Documentation:

  1. The organization providing materials has a formal accessibility policy.
  2. The organization providing the materials has an accessibility statement.


Pass Accessibility statement is present in the front matter
Content Organization

  1. Chapter titles and section headers should be marked as headers and distinct from body text.
  2. Table of contents should be present and allow navigation.
  3. Page numbers should be present and correspond with print numbers.
  4. Content should remain organized after user ‘reflows’ page.
Pass Title and section headers are created with the relevant header mark up. Content is structured and stays organized during reflow.

  1. Non-decorative images should be marked with alternative text.
  2. Images should be compatible with screen-reader and magnification software.
  3. Decorative images should be marked with null alternative text.
Pass All images have alternative text and are compatible with screen-reader and magnification software.

  1. Tables should be simple and compatible with screen readers and magnification software.
  2. Tables should be single-celled and contain ordered lists.
  3. Tables should include markup that identify their rows and columns.
Tables are simple and headers are identified appropriately where necessary. Ordered lists are used.

  1. In-book links should function and connect to their correct location in the text.
  2. Hyperlinks should connect to a working webpage. Hyperlinks should preferably open pages in the same window.
  3. All links should be distinct from body text. They should be descriptively titled and a different colour or italicized.
Pass 88/88 of the tested hyperlinks connect to the correct location and all of them are descriptively titled, underlined, and a different colour.

  1. Closed captions should be provided for any video content.
  2. Descriptive transcripts should be provided for any video content.
  3. Audio or video player used for multimedia content should be compatible with assistive technology.
  4. No content should flash more than 3 times per second.
Pass No GIFS flash more than 3 times per second; alternative text has been provided for all GIFS.
STEM Content

  1. STEM formulas and equations should be created with an editor compatible with screen readers such as LaTex or MathML.
  2. If equations are inserted as images they should be described in an alt tag.
Pass No STEM content

  1. Font should be adjustable and compatible with screen readers, magnification software and coloured displays. Text must remain accessible when any font size is selected.
  2. All font should have zoom capabilities to 200%.
  3. Font should meet standard size requirements (12 pt. body, 9 pt. footnote).
  4. Alternative colour and line spacing adjustments should be available.
Pass Font size is adjustable and conforms to all the required standards.
Colour Contrast

  1. All information presented in colour should also be conveyed in text or other images.
  2. Headers should meet WCAG AA contrast standards.
  3. Body text should meet WCAG AA contrast standards.
  4. Simple images should meet WCAG AA contrast standards.
Pass. No content is colour dependent. WCAG AA standards are met by all the content.
Interactive Elements:

  1. Interactive elements such as menus, examples, practice questions, etc., allow keyboard-only operation with and without assistive technology.
  2. All instructions, error messages, and prompts are in text and compatible with assistive technology.
  3. Text should allow for keyboard-only operation.
  4. Text should be accessible on mobile devices.
Pass Table of contents allows for keyboard-only operation and text is accessible on mobile devices. No other interactive elements are present.
Accessibility evaluation rubric

This accessibility rubric was modified from the Mavs Open Press book Creating Online Learning Experiences by Matt Crosslin and is used under a CC BY 4.0 International License.


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