This reader was created for and by a third year class in Classics at the University of British Columbia, called ‘UnRoman Romans’, and is still (and will remain for some time) a work in progress. The class looked at those who did not fit in or were stigmatized in the Roman empire from sexual minorities to ethnic groups to entertainers and beyond. We focused somewhat on the city of Rome, where the majority of our literary sources come from, and we did not cover every group that we could have. As much as possible we’ve tried to make sure that each section and chapter is self-explanatory and contains necessary introductory material so we don’t want to repeat that here.


Dress, Posture, and Self-Presentation: Men

Dress, Posture, and Self-Presentation: Women


Witches, Warlocks, and Magic

Immigrants and Foreigners in the City of Rome

Sexuality and Gender

Sex Workers

Exile and Exiles


Criminals and Gangs

unRoman Families and Relationships

Emperors and Empresses of Rome


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