Student and Research Assistant Acknowledgments

Acknowledgments and Student Editors

I want to thank the students of CLST 360, UnRoman Romans, in Spring of 2019, who worked on producing parts of this anthology and making it happen.Next the RAs who worked on editing and adding information to this book and just also generally made it happen. These are:
Lead RA: Grace Guy
RAs: Danielle Lee, Keith Warner-Harder, James McKitrick, Sophie Roth, and Luoyao Zhang 
Summer 2021 Lead RA: James McKitrick
This project was generously supported by funding from the Public Humanities Hub, who provided funding for the editor to take a course release, CTLT who provided funding as well as generous assistance (and especially Lucas Wright and Will Engle), the UBC Library, and the Dean of Arts Office through the AURA grant for Undergraduate Researchers.
This book is the product of a class in the Department of Classics, Near Eastern and Religious Studies at the University of British Columbia in 2018-19, CLST 360E, called UnRoman Romans.


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