Opportunities For Underrepresented Groups in Classical Studies

Opportunities for Underrepresented Groups in Classical Studies:


To end on a positive note, there are now initiatives which aim to support and encourage scholars who identify as members of ethnic groups. Such intives include:

The Mountaintop Coalition:

Composed of students and scholars of the ancient Mediterranean world and its reception, and founded in 2018. The Mountaintop Coalition aims to advance the professional goals of Classicists who identify as members of ethnic groups traditionally underrepresented in the field.


The Classics Everywhere Initiative: 

This initiative aims to impact communities that are historically under-represented in the field of Classics and have not had access to programs in classical studies. Launched by the SCS, Classics Everywhere works with a diverse range of groups including children, incarcerated students, and has funded projects working with an ethnically and economically diverse group of people within Canada and America.



Funding Opportunities for Underrepresented Students in Classics:

Nadhira Hill writes an excellent blog on Notes From the Apotheke about different opportunities for grants and scholarships given to students of colour in Canada




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