Intended Learning Outcomes

Intended Learning Outcomes of this Chapter:


Upon completion of this chapter, we will be able to:

  • Evaluate building material choices based on their lifecycle and their effect on our ecosystems
  • Consider how these material choices would be utilized using the Five R’s of reduce, reuse, recycle, recover, and responsible disposal

Each part will focus on a particular building material needed for a home renovation project. These parts include Wood and Engineered Wood, Metal, Plastics, and Concrete.

Before we begin, it is necessary to connect Life Cycle Thinking with the words of the Executive Director of Indigenous Climate Action Eriel Tchekwie Deranger who states:

“We are fundamental parts of ecosystems, and we need to reclaim that- not just as Indigenous people but as humanity.” (Tchekwie Deranger, 2018)


Watching this speech before beginning the parts in this chapter will help us to contextualize how the choices we make affect our entire ecosystem. There will be questions from this talk sewn throughout this chapter.




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