Learning Activity

Using the pyramid below, consider what metal choices could we make in a home renovation project:

Some suggestions and thoughts include:

Reduce– Alternatives to consider- wood

Reuse-Leftover steel can be used for reinforcing structures (Taylor, 2019).

Recycle- Metal siding (as an example) is very durable and recyclable, and it typically contains significant postconsumer recycled content. It is energy-intensive to manufacture, but recycled steel and aluminum require far less energy than virgin ore (Kubba, 2009, p.167).

Recover- Energy generation is possible, but requires special treatment facilities. Are they available in your area?

Responsible Disposal– Recycling is the best and most common disposal tactic for metals


Pause and Reflect– Are these options applicable to your area? If not, what are your options to address them?

Teaching Toolbox- Eriel Tchekwie Deranger (2018), states, “Climate change…isn’t about one central thing. It’s everything.” How can we involve our students in these conversations through the work we do? Can you think of any in-class strategies?



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