Learning Activity

Using the pyramid below, consider what wood choices could we make in a home renovation project:

Some suggestions and thoughts include:

Reduce– Alternatives to consider- Fiberboard, structural-grade fiber-cement composite siding, bamboo, water-resistant exterior-grade gypsum sheathing, Homasote ®

Reuse– “Wood trims, framing material 2 x 4, 2 x 6 etc. just about any wood product if it is sound and removed carefully”- Carpentry Instructor

Recycle- Composting, landfill cover, mulch and landscaping, interim road bed construction- BC Ministry of Environment

Recover- Salvaged wood and Reclaimed wood- old beams, fallen tress, etc..

Responsible Disposal– Burning pressure-treated wood is highly toxic. Disposal of pressure-treated wood is now mandated to be in a lined landfill- (Kubba, 2009).


Pause and Reflect– Are these options applicable to your area? If not, what are your options to address them?

Teaching Toolbox- Returning to Eriel Tchekwie Deranger (2018), she mentions the choices we make affect our entire ecosystem. How can we have our students develop their decision-making capacity with this in mind?


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