Foundations of Greening the Carpentry Trade

As you move through this resource, you should strive to continuously reflect on how sustainability and climate change apply to carpentry. Here are some examples of how foundational concepts are relevant to carpenters.


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Some of the points above will be more deeply explored in the following chapters, while others you can learn about on your own. Here are a few resources where you can further your learning. 

Canada Green Building Council
Offers courses on green building themes and connects green building professionals.

Green Building Canada
Runs a blog on green building practices, materials and technologies.

Passive House Canada
Provides training, resources, and events related to Passive House construction.

Life cycle assessment (LCA) of thermal insulation materials: A critical review by Stefan Füchsl, Felix Rheum, Hubert Röder.

Material Carbon Emissions Guide by the city of Nelson (March 2022)
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