ACC Chapter 12: Getting It Out – Digital Output for Web

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Visual Examples

The Wayback Machine is an archive of web pages dating back to the early 1990s. We used the Wayback Machine to view web sites from the 1990s to compare them with the same sites in 2016.

Notice how the aesthetics of web graphics has changed in the past two decades. These new aesthetics have developed due to increased network speed, changes in programming techniques, and the evolution of information design. Greater connection speeds result in the ability to upload and download larger files in a shorter amount of time. Graphics today are larger, more frequent, and more colorful on current web sites than the graphics made for the web in the 1990s. 1997 2016 1998 2016 1996 2016

From top left to bottom right: on October 23, 1997; on November 9, 2016; on July 15, 1997; on November 9, 2016; on December 27, 1996; on November 9, 2016.

Note: The Wayback Machine contains an archive of over 85 billion web pages. You can use this search engine at


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