Model academic standards

Jessica Kalra

At this stage in their academic career, students are still learning academic and professional standards. In many cases, these standards are not explicitly taught but rather learned through experience. We can help the learning process by modelling our expectations of academic and professional integrity in both our classrooms and in our interactions with students. We can do this by:

  • using discipline specific language
  • demonstrating to students how to complete a task or solve a problem and explicitly stating what you expect them to do and how they should do it
  • using the standard of practice in written and presented materials
  • specifying the required formatting style for papers (MLA, APA, CMS), and/or showing students how to use reference managers (Zotero, Mendeley, Paperpile)
  • citing sources wherever this is applicable
  • adding citations below all videos, animations or images in presentation slides
  • providing references for the research, ideas and concepts presented in class
  • using resources that are rigorously vetted as credible sources
  • demonstrating how to find and use credible source material


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