Downloadable Resources

Chapter 2: Apply the plan-monitor-evaluate model for assessing your learning progress

Key Questions for Learning

Planning-Monitoring-Evaluation Cycle Activity

Chapter 3: Use critical questioning to support your learning

Create Study Questions Using Bloom’s Cognitive Taxonomy

Chapter 9: Make commitments that support teamwork

Becoming a Team Infographic

Chapter 10: Describe the role of an online instructor

Instructor and Student Roles

Chapter 11: Develop an effective student-instructor connection

Develop Instructor Relationships Online

Chapter 13: Create a semester schedule

Semester Schedule (8.5 x 11)

Semester Schedule (11 x 17)

Chapter 14: Develop a weekly schedule that works

Weekly Schedule (8.5 x 11)

Weekly Schedule (11 x 17)

Chapter 16: Choose a daily task management system

Choose a Task Management System

Chapter 19:  Communicate in online forums

Forum Posting Checklist

Chapter 21: Learn with ePortfolios

Mahara Quick Start Guide

Chapter 23: Use a rubric to evaluate your work

Use a Rubric

Chapter 24: Create an assignment plan

Develop an Assignment Plan

Chapter 25: Use feedback to move forward

Use Evaluation to Support Planning



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