Strategic Reading

This graphic demonstrates where you are in your progress throughout the seven modules in this workshop: Who am I as an online learner? Who am I on my learning journey with? Who are my instructors? Time management, Professional communications, analyzing assignments, strategic reading. You are currently in the Strategic reading module.
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One of the challenges that many learners in online environments face is learning how to read and process large amounts of text — textbooks, articles, and other reading material. The materials in this module provide information on how to become a more strategic reader.  These skills allow you to read with a purpose, selecting the most important material to support your growth, and reading it strategically.  By the end of this module, you will be able to:

  • Assess the place of reading in your learning journey.
  • Evaluate your reading skills.
  • Review and apply the SQ3R method for reading.
  • Read journal articles strategically.
  • Take effective notes on online readings.

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