Creating Parts and Chapters

Parts are how your textbook content is divided up, and act to break-up content into sections in your book.



This works well for PDF versions of textbooks, but for web reading chapters can get too lengthy and involve a lot of scrolling. We recommend dividing up your textbook in this way:

  • Think of Parts as Chapters
  • Think of Chapters as Chapter Sections

By doing this, the content will be divided up into smaller chunks which is easier to navigate.


To create a new section, click on Organize Page in the menu bar to go to your Book Organization Page and choose to Add Part.


Once a new section has been created, you can easily add chapters to that part by clicking the Add Chapter button underneath that section.
Screenshot showing where the add chapters buttons are

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Here are some other guides that walk you through this same process. Due to there being different instances of Pressbooks, their instructions may vary slightly.



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