The H5P plugin allows Pressbooks users to create interactive content, such as quizzes, timelines, drag-and-drop questions, and more. For those who chose to use this plugin in a book, be aware that it is not meant to replace a graded or summative test. Instead, H5P activities are most useful for student self-quizzing and encouraging interaction with content.




H5P is not FIPPA compliant. This means that H5P does not protect personal student information from unauthorized collection, use, or disclosure by public bodies, and does not guarantee the protection of student privacy. When implementing H5P, consider whether personal information will be required from the student to participate.

Enabling H5P Content


To enable H5P in your book, click on Plugins in the menu bar to manage plugin activation.


Screenshot of where activate link is located.

Click on the word Activate next to the H5P plugin. You can also click the check box (or several), choose Activate from the Bulk Actions drop-down menu, and then hit Apply. A new option for H5P will appear in your menu bar. This is where you go to create and manage your H5P content.


Creating H5P Content

Click on H5P to go to your H5P Content page. For this example, we will be creating a multiple choice quiz.




Click on Add New.

2 Scroll down the list of H5P options and find the Multiple Choice quick. Click Get, and a new window will be shown where you can choose whether to create or upload content.
3 Next, Install and Use to go directly to creating a new quiz.
Fill out the quiz content.
When you are finished, click on the Create button.


Embedding H5P Content

After you have created your H5P, find the shortcode that was automatically generated.Screenshot showing where H5P Shortcode is located


Paste that shortcode into your visual editor and the quiz will appear.

Screenshot of how to embed H5P shortcode.


This is what the embedded quiz looks like:















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