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Pressbooks allows you to upload and insert many different types of files and media into your book. When uploading media into Pressbooks, note the following:

  • The maximum file size that you can upload in the BCcampus Pressbooks instance is 48 MB. (Note that this upload-size limit is different from the import-size limit, which is much larger.)
  • To give a reader access to a file without leaving Pressbooks, then upload the file to the Media Library before inserting it into the book. The file cannot be embedded into the book by linking to an external source.
  • Embedded images must be one of the following: JPG, PNG, or GIF.
  • File types that will not embed—such as PDFs, Word files, or PowerPoint slides—can still be provided. Instead of using an embedded image, readers can download these file types from the book through a hyperlink.

The Media Uploader

Adding images, audio, and video can be done easily within the Pressbooks textual editor by clicking on the Add Media button.


Screenshot showing where the add media button is located


This will open up a new window where you can choose from files you have already uploaded, or upload new content. To manage all of the content that you have uploaded, you can click on Media in the menu bar.

Linking Audio and Video

Certain types of media can be embedded simply by pasting the link into the text editor. This includes

  • Audio files posted in a repository, such as Sound Cloud
  • Youtube videos set to “Public” (can be viewed by anyone) or “Unlisted” (can be viewed by anyone who has a direct link to the video).

Powerpoint Presentations

Powerpoint presentations can be embedded into your textbook if the slides are accessible via Google Slides.




Go to the presentation share settings in Google Slides.

2 Change the sharing settings to be available to anyone with a link.
3 Under the Menu, find the Publish to Web option.
Adjust the settings to however you want the presentation to behave in the textbook, and then copy the link found within the embed code.
Create an iframe embedder H5P using the link that you copied before.




In the long link for your presentation, there will be a string of random letters and numbers. Following that, make sure that your link reads “/embed?” and not “/pub?”.




The code used in this guide is:″

Paste the shortcode in the text editor wherever you want it to appear, like this:



Related User Guides

Here are some other guides that walk you through this same process. Due to there being different instances of Pressbooks, their instructions may vary slightly.



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