Sim Labs

Sim Lab 1

Lab Instructions

From Box 10 in “initial condition” load the “ready to start” exercise. Ensure it is CPP model

Stay on Freeze  and set up the following;

In picture dir 01 open select MD 130 – “Trend group Directory”

Left Click on Trend group #01

Set time window ( top left hand ) as 30 minutes

Variables that need to be plotted and monitored are to be entered under Trend Tag , whose numbers are as follows:

Scale ( Min – Max)

Z00518  – g/kWh,  ME exh SOx content                                   00 – 20

E03760 – Propeller power output in MW                                  00 – 20

N02015 – ME RPM                                                                   00 – 100

Z02013 – ME exhaust gas smoke content                                 00 – 100

N06312 – Ships speed in Knots                                                 00 – 40

Z01970 – g/kWh,  ME exh NOx content final                           00 – 50

Note: change any of the above Scale limits if the pen recorder traces goes off the screen. Also you may change one or more of the above variables, if you consider it more relevant to your investigation.

Press F6 and in the “View” box select “Scenario”
In the left hand column select S01 – ” NOx and SOx Simlab”
Next , in the View box select Ed Act
Select A01 – Fuel lever – ECR control
Hit F1 to run exercise – ensure the ME control lever starts ramping and that the trend recorder is recording.
At the end of 30 minutes press F2 to Freeze the exercise , print trend recorder screen.
Observations are made and recorded by ramping the Fuel control lever from 0 to 100 over 30 minutes while observing changes to the variables being monitored.
Repeat above exercise with SCR in Use
Repeat above exercise with SCR not in use but Fuel emulsion ( 20%) in use
Make sure your trend printouts are labeled properly otherwise, data analysis will be very confusing.


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