Practice Exercise for PPS 2

Exercise 1



Transport Canada “Marine Safety” expectations are, that upon completion of the PPS Level 2 Course, the course participants will be able to demonstrate sound management and engineering  practices to manage, monitor and organize operation of the Ships power plant as implemented onboard a vessel.

The Scenario could include various vessel operations such as:

  • Taking over a warm/hot watch and preparing the plant for “Stand-by” Departure/Arrival.
  • Taking over a warm/hot watch and preparing the steam plant for carrying out cargo operations.
  • Managing the plant under various operating conditions and on detecting machinery malfunction carry out systematic diagnostics to resolve the malfunction by taking timely corrective action
  • Responding correctly and in a timely manner to all Main engine malfunctions that could affect the safe propulsion of the ship.
  • Maintaining good communications with the bridge; request clearance from Bridge before soot blowing, using OWS and or testing any equipment that may affect the safety of others outside of the engine room.
  • Taking quick preventive action to deal with high-pressure fuel leaks, scavenge fires and crankcase explosions.

To help students familiarize and practice with the above scenarios  the following two SimLab exercises have been created which students can load and run on their workstations and based on the outcome of their operation make checklists and validate them in other exercises and later implemented them into real life situations

The more self paced exercises that the students practices on their own the better their understanding of the plant and its operational procedures would be.

The Briefing notes for SimLab #1

The Ship is a very large crude carrier (VLCC), fully loaded  powered by a turbo charged slow speed Marine diesel engine (MAN B&W 5L90MC)  with a fixed  pitch propeller directly driving a single propeller

The Vessel is fully loaded and is “At sea” proceeding to the discharge port.

ME and OF Boiler is on HFO, while the Generators are on DO.

The Generators have been optimized for “At sea” passage as per Chief engineers standing orders



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