Sim Labs

Sim Lab 2

Lab Instructions

  1. From the desktop, left double click on MC-90 Icon
  2. Select box 105 and click on “Full ahead loaded” exercise  
  3. Press Home key on the Keyboard to access “The process display directory”
  4. Press F1 – exercise is now running
  5. Take 5 minutes to take over your watch and establish the Machinery status
  6. Select “Panel directory” from the bottom task bar
  7. Select MD 120 by Clicking on “Cylinder indication – Pressure/angle”
  8. Take a set of Indicator cards by following the steps as under
    • In the INDICATE column, select one of the field button (I1 to I5)

    • In the INDICATE field, type in “At taking over watch” or any other identifying comment to aid future fault identification.

    • In the SELECT CURVE column, select the same field button (I1 to I5) . Either the blue, magenta, or brown curve can be selected.

    • In the SELECT CURVE column, select the cylinder 1 to 5 that you wish to observe.

  9. Press F2 to freeze your exercise
  10. Go back to “Home” and  Open MD 21
  11. Click on the “M” box at the bottom left of the screen and on the drop down menu for M2501 click on “OFF” which will turn to “ON’ and turn yellow indicating that it is active as shown below:
  12. Press F1 to run your exercise – over the next 5 minutes continue to monitor engine parameters and when the Engine has adjusted and stabilized to the injected malfunction or if Exhaust temp deviation alarm operates then it is time to take another set of cards.
  13. Take indicator cards as in step #8, in the INDICATE field , label this as “When Exh Gas Dev noticed”
  14. Press F2 to freeze your exercise
  15. Take snapshots of all the indicator cards, Exhaust temperature bar chart, ring sealing and ring movement bar charts by using the Snipping tool from the desktop.
  16. Paste all the snapshots on the wordpad , try and fit them onto one page and label the page as: “Cylinder #1 Injection timing early” . Take a print (ctrl + P)

Your print out should look like:

Observation summary:

  1. Ring movement unchanged
  2. Ring sealing unchanged
  3. Exhaust gas deviation 12oC which is well below manufacturers recommended level of +/- 50oC
  4. TINGO – advanced
  5. PMAX – increased
  6. IkW – increased

Corrective action:

Based on the findings the Engineer Officer of the Watch must outline his/her immediate corrective action for safe operation of the ship


  1. Do not reduce Engine RPM but monitor the ME parameters.
  2. As the ship is fitted with VIT adjustment – after informing the Chief Engineer, consider possible adjustments to VIT setting of the Cyl #1 fuel pump may be carried out to reduce the exhaust gas temperature deviation. Take indicator cards to confirm that changing VIT setting helped in correcting early injection

Continue and do the same for the other 11 malfunctions. Always start from scratch i.e.

  1. Press F6, and in View box select ” Initial condition”
  2. De-select Box 105 ” Full ahead loaded”,  and then re-select Box 105 ” Full ahead loaded”
  3. Now follow step 3 onward of earlier exercise


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