Appendix – Climate Conversations

How to Build a Climate Resilient Economy: Mark Carney

Mark Carney is one of the worlds top central bankers and has long been calling for action on climate change. He discusses the need for building an economy based on climate resilience with RRU President Philip Steenkamp.

How to Be a Fearless Young Climate Leader: NRC Program Director Phil De Luna

Phil De Luna, the youngest program director at the National Research Council Canada, gives leadership advice to young professionals who want to take action on climate change.

Why We Need Climate Leadership NOW: Susanne C. Moser, Leading US Climate Adaptation Expert

Leading US expert on climate adaptation, Susanne Moser, discusses the opportunities to be a leader right now and the Master of Arts in Climate Action Leadership at Royal Roads University.

Grassroots Climate Leadership: Robin Hawker

Robin Hawker is climate change adaptation planning lead at one of Canada’s top engineering firms. She discusses the importance of climate leaders in small communities.

A Career in Climate Leadership: Harshan Radhakrishnan

Harshan Radhakrishnan, manager of climate change and sustainability initiatives at Engineers and Geoscientists BC, talks about career opportunities in climate leadership.

Leaders at All Levels: Former UN Deputy Secretary Richard Kinley

Richard Kinley, Former UN Deputy Secretary to the UN Climate Change Secretariat, discusses the critical need for leadership at all levels and the Master of Arts in Climate Action Leadership at RRU.


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