Module 1: What’s the problem?

Module 1.1: Climate trends

Module 1.1 begins with a video-lecture on climate trends where Denise and I explore some of the fundamental concepts of climate science and an overview of how climate change is impacting Canada.

By the end of this module, you will be able to identify and understand the core climate science science concepts, including the differences between adaptation and mitigation and how they overlap, the difference between weather and climate, and some of the current trends in what we are seeing, globally and regionally.


Video attribution: “Climate Change Adaptation Fundamentals – Module 1.1 – Climate Trends” by Stewart Cohen, Climate Change Fundamentals, Adaptation Learning Network is licensed under CC BY 4.0. The images used in the slides in the video are not CC BY.

From the CBC podcast, here is an audio clip which features Trevor Murdock, a climate scientist with the Pacific Climate Impacts Consortium in Victoria, BC. In this clip, Trevor describes how climate change is affecting BC. The clips starts at 05:00 Stop listening at 9:55 and return to this screen.

Podcast attribution: This podcast is © CBC/Radio-Canada 2021. All rights reserved. You may also find and listen to this podcast on their website.



Share an example of climate change you’ve experienced in your own life or work. What happened? How did it affect you / others? What was the response?


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