Module 1: What’s the problem?

Module 1 Summary: Take Home Messages

This last video of Module 1 provides a high level summary of the key take home messages from this module.

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Before moving on to Module 2, we invite you to consider the implications of human-caused climate change to you in both your professional and personal lives. How would a rapidly warming climate affect your vision of your future, or the work that you currently do? How might it affect the future of your community?

If you are interested in more information on the basics of climate change and related tools and resources, we recommend exploring the following links:

Pacific Climate Impacts Consortium (PCIC) is our regional climate service centre. PCIC conducts quantitative studies on the impacts of climate change and climate variability in the Pacific and Yukon region, providing regional climate  information for planning.

The BC Government’s Resources for Preparing and Adapting to Climate Change is a great resource for existing tools, climate change health facts, the recent BC Climate Risk Assessment, which we discuss in Module 3.

You may also want to dive into Canada’s interactive Climate Atlas, where you can explore how various aspects of climate change are playing out in different regions of Canada and explore maps, graphs and climate data for provinces, local regions and cities across the country.

And finally, the Canadian Centre for Climate Services is another resource for climate resources, climate change concepts and trends, climate data, and has a climate-service support desk if you have further questions.


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