Module 1: What’s the problem?

Module 1.3: Climate change information for applications

This module provides an overview of climate services available in Canada, and examples of applications of climate change scenario information. Highlights from the 2019 federal government publication, Canada’s Changing Climate Report, are also presented.

Start by watching the video lecture:

Video attribution: “Climate Change Adaptation Fundamentals – Module 1.3: Climate change information for applications” by Stewart Cohen, Climate Change Fundamentals, Adaptation Learning Network is licensed under CC BY 4.0. The images used in the slides in the video are not CC BY.

After watching the video, listen to the following excerpts from the CBC podcast 2050: Degrees of Change.

  • Johanna Wagstaffe and Prof. Stéphane Dery, UNBC, on precipitation and streamflow in the Fraser River Basin: (05:50) Stop listening at 8:14 and return to this page.
  • Johanna Wagstaffe and Prof. Brian Menounous, UNBC, on glaciers: (19:02Stop listening at 22:49 and return to this page.
Podcast attribution: This podcast is © CBC/Radio-Canada 2021. All rights reserved. You may also find and listen to this podcast on their website.


Check out 3 of the information sources referenced in the slides in Module 1.3 to see what data you can find that are relevant to your specific region.


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