Module 3: What can we do?

Module 3.3: Adaptation – mitigation linkages and summary

In this final video lecture of Module 3, we bring everything together, discussing the linkages between climate change adaptation and climate change mitigation, exploring the synergies (co-benefits) and trade-offs that these two sides of climate action present.

Video attribution: “Climate Change Adaptation Fundamentals – Module 3.3: Adaptation – mitigation linkages and summary” by Stewart Cohen, Climate Change Fundamentals, Adaptation Learning Network is licensed under CC BY 4.0. The images used in the slides in the video are not CC BY.


Think about your own regional context and pick one example of climate change adaptation that will be necessary in the future that you can work on in the next module.

Preparing for Module 4

In Module 4, learners will have an opportunity to explore how information about human-caused climate change could be applied within their own field of practice by creating and sharing a “future story”. More detail is provided in Module 4 Assignment.

To prepare for the next and final Module, review the Module 4 Learning Goals.



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