We take a dive into the Strategic Climate Risk Assessment for British Columbia and its implications for the province:

Video attribution: “Climate Change Adaptation Fundamentals – Module 2.3: BC’s top climate change risks” by Stewart Cohen, Climate Change Fundamentals, Adaptation Learning Network is licensed under CC BY 4.0. The images used in the slides in the video are not CC BY.

The risk profile this report provides is important but it is still very conceptual. What do these risks mean on the ground? To explore and humanize these risks we return to CBC Podcast 2050: Degrees of Change News Montage..

In this clip we hear from Emily McNair, part of the Climate Action Initiative working with farmers in BC to plan for climate changes, and Lydia Ryall, whose farm sits on Westham Island in the Fraser River Delta. Her farm is threatened by sea level rise the increasing risk of what is known as a salt wedge, or the influx of salt water into the fresh water she uses for irrigation. Start listening at 5:11. Stop listening at 7:45 and return here. You may listen here or on the widget below.

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Review the areas of risk in Module 2.3 — slide 7 and identify those that relate to your future work.