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Pamela Wolf is an Assistant Professor of teaching in Civil and Environmental Engineering, at the University of British Columbia. She lives, works and plays on the traditional, unceded, and ancestral territory of the Musqueam people.

Pamela Wolf, P.Eng. obtained her B.A.Sc. (Geophysics) and B.A. (English) from UBC and her M.Ed. (Adult Learning and Cultures of Curriculum) from SFU. Ms. Wolf works at the intersection of communication and design, with a focus on communication for collaboration, the community consultation process, storytelling, and leadership. Previous to her lectureship at UBC, she co-founded and was CEO of the Engineering Leadership Council, whose programs were developed and scaled internationally under her leadership. Ms. Wolf was a board member of the UN Group Earth Charter Cities Canada and is an active leader with Engineers Without Borders. Ms. Wolf has also worked in major capital procurement strategy, negotiation, and facilitating executive decision-making.

Research Interests: Classroom culture in engineering communication and the development of post-secondary curriculum with a special focus on facilitation, collaboration, and decolonization


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