Module 1 – Instructor Training

This section provides faculty training to teach Module 1 from the Decolonization curriculum.  This training video will walk you through and explain the core concepts that are covered in the lesson plan, as well as some additional information and tips for implementing Module 1 into the classroom. Links to the referenced material in the video can be found in Additional Resources.


Additional Resources

If you are interested in learning more about First Nations governance, and other resources referenced in the above training video, we recommend you explore the links and videos below: 

Hereditary Chiefs

Indigenous Corporate Training, Inc. (2016, March 01). Hereditary Chief definition and 5 FAQs.

First Nations Websites 

Aq’am (

K’ómoks (

K’ómoks First Nation CCP

K’ómoks First Nation. (2014). Comprehensive Community Plan Version 1.0, 2014-2024. Available at



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