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Presenting Data

In this chapter you’ll learn how to create tables, charts, and simple spreadsheets.


Tables are used to display related information in a way that’s easy to scan, read and use. Tables are a great way to organize and compare information. They use columns and rows to present data clearly, and allow readers to quickly scan for the information they need.

If you’re not familiar with tables, this article will help you understand what tables are, and how to use them. Do You Know When to Use Tables vs. Charts?

How to make tables

If you’re new to making tables, this video will show you how to make them.


Charts and Graphs

Charts and graphs display data visually. They’re an excellent way to add impact, and to show relationships between different people or things. For example, you could use a bar chart to show that Department A sold twice as many items as Department B.

Pie charts show items as parts of a whole. For example, you could use a pie chart to show that 75% of your budget goes to salaries, 20% to supplies, 3% to marketing, and 2% to overhead.

Excel and Google Sheets are good tools for making charts. To make a chart, you first need to make a spreadsheet that’s populated with data.

If you’re not familiar with making spreadsheets or charts, this excellent and clear video will help. Excel 2010 Tutorial For Beginners


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